Editable Spring Newsletter

Monday, March 5, 2018 No comments
Who wants a new newsletter template?! This one might just be my favorite one yet. I love love love it. I also made it 100% editable! Click here for TPT. 


NBT Jeporady Math Review Game

Home sick today so I finished up a new product. I am really excited about this one and can't wait to use it with my class! This is a fun test-prep game to review all of the fourth grade NBT standards. My students love playing this game to review! I also included two daily doubles hidden in the game. More standards to come! Comment below and let me know if your kiddos enjoy this game!

Click here for TPT


Inspiration & Inquiry

Sunday, February 25, 2018 No comments

Can I just say how stinkin' excited I am that I just finished making this inquiry unit!! It is awesome for measurement skills especially area and perimeter. My kiddos love inquiry units! They promote creativity, cooperation, exploration and allow them to learn the concept through real-world experiences.This unit is a week long and includes everything you need for your students to create a home blueprint. Click here for my TPT store.

Design A Home Inquiry Unit- Measurement Perimeter and Area

With all of the negativity in this world lately I was so fortunate to attend a PD yesterday that was inspirational, uplifting and gave me so many awesome ideas for my classroom! At the same time, it can be very overwhelming. I now have about 500 things that I want to start doing. First of all, I am totally changing the way I do novel studies. One of the presenters at the PD was Kate Roberts, author of A Novel Approach. I cannot wait to get her book in the mail! She was amazing! I looked at my coworker while Kate was speaking and said "we're starting this on Monday". It has completely changed the way that I am going to approach novel studies and seems like exactly what I needed. If you haven't heard of this book and teach grades 4 and up... I would say give it a go!

K-12 Newsletter Templates

Sunday, February 18, 2018 No comments
Here is a pack of ALL GRADES newsletter templates K-12. The boxes are able to be typed in when opened as a PDF. TPT click here to purchase.


New Fourth Grade Newsletter!

Hey all! It has been YEARS since I have made a new newsletter. Feeling inspired today to add some new stuff to my TPT store but, since I teach fourth I figured I would do this one as a freebie! Click here to download. The boxes are able to be typed in when you open as a PDF. Requests or questions? Feel free to reach out!


Book Tasting

Thursday, July 13, 2017 No comments
July is here, and with that I have started getting into my school frame of mind. I had a baby in June and am home with him and my two year old this summer. I'm thinkin' my job is easier during the school year! ;) I love my kiddos but, I do love my school kiddos too! Let the planning begin!! 

I am so excited to start book tastings this year! If you haven't heard of it, there are some really cute examples on Pinterest. I have created a form for my students to use this year when we do our book tastings. I am planning to use this activity to help them choose their literature circle choice as well as to expose them to new books and genres. I am also planning on setting up table cloths and make it look like a real "menu" tasting with "candles" and all! I hope someone else can find use out of this, too!

You can download this resource on TPT here!

First day of school starbursts!

Saturday, August 20, 2016 3 comments
Welcome back to school! Start your students off on a bright note with a fun treat! If you can't do candy I also have a back to school bubble idea with tags! For those click here.

Download starburst tags