1st Monday of Full-Time Teaching

Monday, September 30, 2013 No comments
It's been a great first day of full-time teaching! The day goes so much faster when you are up and moving and actually teaching!

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Cami - Target
Pants - Ebay
Shoes - Steve Madden from DSW

Casual Weekend

Sunday, September 29, 2013 No comments
6 Days til my birthday! & 7 days until my engagement pictures!

Scarf - H&M
Cardigan - Express
Shirt - Target
Jeans - American Eagle
Boots - Macy's

Wheels On The Bus Text Art

Saturday, September 28, 2013 No comments
Here is a bus made from the lyrics of "Wheels on the Bus"

Sight Word Game

Friday, September 27, 2013 No comments
This is a fun printable game that I would like to share! I of course made it an editable PDF so that you can just type right into the leaves. Pick 6 sight words to put in the leaves and on the sides of a die. Roll the die and the kids have to color that word. Only color one at a time so that you can roll the word more than once.

Click to Download Editable PDF

Fall Poem for Kindergarten

I typed up this cute fall poem for our students to put in their poetry notebooks and color.

Click Here to Download PDF

Finally Friday! Striped Skirt

Full time teaching starts next week! This week was a rough one and I am thrilled that it is over! I plan to enjoy my weekend of doing nothing and planning for next week! I'm officially half way through!

Shirt - Target
Skirt - Old Navy from Ebay
Bracelet - Henri Bendel
Shoes - Steve Madden from DSW

Creamsicle Stripes

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 No comments
Happy Wednesday! I get to experience my first public school field trip tomorrow. I've gone on lots of field trips with the private center I worked for but, I'm sure that this will be a learning experience!

Shirt - Old Navy ($2 on clearance!)
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Unifix Cube Counting

Saturday, September 21, 2013 No comments
I had my students counting with unifix cubes this week! We worked with 0-10 and also introduced the number line. They had to count out cubes and match their stack to the number on the number line. We also did this worksheet to reinforce counting 0-10.

Link to front page
Link to back page

Pink Pants & Happy Friday!

Friday, September 20, 2013 No comments
Happy Friday everyone! Next week is the Apple Farm field trip! Hopefully that means the week will go by fast! Student teaching is flying by and reality is just around the corner :)

Shirt - Gap
Pants - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless

Wheelbarrow Pumpkin Addition

Here is a fun addition page for Kinders! We had them draw the pumpkins where they belonged to show the ways to make three. For example, 1 in the wheelbarrow and 2 out for 1+2=3. Enjoy! :)

Click Here to Download PDF

Black & White

Thursday, September 19, 2013 No comments
It's observation day.... wish me luck! The first one went well so hopefully this one goes even better!

Dress - Goodwill (White House Black Market)
Leggings - Maybe Wet Seal???
Shoes - Steve Madden from DSW

Kindergarten Counting 0-10 Pony Beads

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 No comments
I did a lesson plan yesterday that went great! We counted with pony beads on pipe cleaners to start the lesson. Then, we did this fun worksheet with stickers. This aligns well with the Common Core Math Standards!

- pony beads
- pipe cleaners
- number cards
- worksheet
- round circle stickers (you can get these really cheap on Ebay)

Modeling - I had the students sit on the carpet and count with me as I put pony beads on pipe cleaners for each number card 0-10.

Guided Practice - I used the Elmo projector and we used pony beads and pipe cleaners as a class at the tables. I put one number at a time on the screen.

Independent Practice - Worksheet.

Click here to download worksheet

Red Dolman Sweater

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 No comments
Hello, all! Not much to share today except my outfit! Enjoy! :)

Shirt - Express
Pants - Target
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Necklace - Francesca's

Number Bonds

Monday, September 16, 2013 No comments
Today I taught a lesson on number bonds. What a great way to show that numbers can be decomposed! We introduced it by using crayons and decomposing different numbers. For example, if I put one here and two here, how many are there? 3. What if I put all three here? Still 3. Then, they did their own completely solo using stickers.

Mint Cardigan Casual Saturday

Saturday, September 14, 2013 No comments
We met with a caterer for our wedding today. Best food ever!! MMmm! If you live near Columbus, OH and have  decent catering budget check out Made From Scratch. I don't know if we will use them because we might go with food trucks :)  

Anyway, we had a casual shopping spree day today! I went on a splurge and bought new fall boots at Macy's and a TON of stuff at Goodwill! The things you can find if you are willing to look! I found a White House Black Market dress for $5!

 Cardigan - Old Navy
Shirt - Old Navy
Cami - Target
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Toms  

"Franklin is Bossy" Kindergarten Lesson, Characters

This lesson is a great character introduction! We are in a friendship & family theme so, this is also a great book choice for talking about being a nice friend. We started by reading "Franklin is Bossy", then we made a chart of what makes someone a nice friend or not nice friend. After that, we did a worksheet that shows different characters from the book and some not from the book. The kids had to color the ones in the book, and x out the ones not in the book. I have attached my lesson plan below for more detail. I also attached the character worksheet! Enjoy!

Lesson Plan 

Worksheet Download

Hooray for cardigan weather!

Friday, September 13, 2013 No comments
It finally feels like fall today! I had my first pumpkin spice coffee of the season :)

Cardigan - H&M
T-Shirt - Old Navy
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Necklace - Khols

Striped Dolman Top

Thursday, September 12, 2013 No comments
Hello everyone! Another crazy week ahead and so much planning to do! I am teaching math next week though, hooray! I have been doing literacy this week and would so much rather do math. I feel like math is just so fun and has soooo many possibilities! I am trying to post my lessons but there is just not enough time in the day! I promise they are coming soon!

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Summer Work Outfit

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 No comments
Hot day today! I'm going to post a lesson plan tonight too! Keep your eyes peeled!

Maxi Skirt & Mini Bubble Necklace

Monday, September 9, 2013 No comments
Happy Monday! We had a great weekend! First time that the dogs got to experience a dog park! They loved it!!!! My little one is 6 years old and we just never took her... it's going to take awhile for her to get used to that world. She barked.....a lot. But, the big 6 month old German Shepherd did awesome! I put a picture of her below after wearing her out a the park :)

Anyway, these little bubble necklaces if you don't have one.... get one. They are great because they don't get in your way like the bigger ones but still add that pop of color. Also, this is a dress not a skirt :)   I just folded over the top because I'm not a huge fan of maxi dresses.

Necklace - Ebay
Shirt - Old Navy
Dress - Ebay

October Newsletter Template

Sunday, September 8, 2013 4 comments
Here is a PDF editable October Newsletter. Again, it is for all grades and has an editable box so that you can put whatever you want!

Here is a link to the font. 

Link To Download

Colorful Necklace

Thursday, September 5, 2013 No comments
No time to write much today...that to-do list sure is piling up....

T-Shirt - Target
Necklace - Ebay (of course!)
Khkais - Khols
Flip Flops - Old Navy

Counting 0-5, Numeral to Object Matching

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 No comments
Yesterday we did an activity with numbers 0-5. The objective was to work on matching the numeral to a set of objects or pictures. For their independent practice, I created this worksheet and had them use q-tips and paint to make gumballs in each machine.

Click Here For Worksheet

Brown Stripes

Be on the lookout for the October Newsletter Template! Coming within the next few days! Remember I do take requests!

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Purple & Grey

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 No comments
My first lesson alone today. I'm glad I videotaped it because even though I've been doing this for awhile, working in a public school is so different. Especially with the requirements and needing to go by the lesson plan. I watched my video and am so glad I got the chance to reflect! There are things I will be changing for sure!

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