Book Tasting

Thursday, July 13, 2017 No comments
July is here, and with that I have started getting into my school frame of mind. I had a baby in June and am home with him and my two year old this summer. I'm thinkin' my job is easier during the school year! ;) I love my kiddos but, I do love my school kiddos too! Let the planning begin!! 

I am so excited to start book tastings this year! If you haven't heard of it, there are some really cute examples on Pinterest. I have created a form for my students to use this year when we do our book tastings. I am planning to use this activity to help them choose their literature circle choice as well as to expose them to new books and genres. I am also planning on setting up table cloths and make it look like a real "menu" tasting with "candles" and all! I hope someone else can find use out of this, too!

You can download this resource on TPT here!