Two Point of View Read Aloud's

Monday, February 15, 2016 No comments
Wow! It's been awhile! Since I last posted I had a baby and got a new position teaching fourth grade. We do literacy collaborative and read A LOT of picture books. I decided that since I don't make many printables anymore I would share my picture books with the questions that I have included.

My first two are both excellent choices for a unit on point of view. They would be great for upper or lower elementary. Like I said, I teach fourth grade so, they work for the older kiddos! The first one is Magpie Magic by April Wilson. This book is wonderful! It is extremely creative and has NO WORDS! What an interesting option for a lesson on point of view. When I first opened it I thought "how am I supposed to teach point of view with this!?" Trust me -- it's perfect. The reader is shown the story through the eyes of an artist with a mischievous bird and drawings that come to life!

Here are my questions that I included in this book:

Introduction: This is a unique story with no words. Pay very close attention to the illustrations, as they tell the story.

On page with crumpled paper: How is the person probably feeling? How can you tell?

On page with artist erasing lock: What do you predict will happen?

Last page: From what point of view and perspective is this story told?

The second book is "What's With This Room?" by Tom Litchenheld. This is a silly rhyming story about a boy who has a very messy room. This book is unique because it switches perspectives half way through from the mother to the little boy. This is once again an excellent read aloud for point of view.

Introduction: Pay attention to the point of view in this story and whose perspective is being shown. What do you predict this story will be about?

Page with child dressed as artist: How do the illustrations add to the text?

Last page: From what point of view is this story told?

Enjoy these stories!

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