Kindergarten Counting 0-10 Pony Beads

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
I did a lesson plan yesterday that went great! We counted with pony beads on pipe cleaners to start the lesson. Then, we did this fun worksheet with stickers. This aligns well with the Common Core Math Standards!

- pony beads
- pipe cleaners
- number cards
- worksheet
- round circle stickers (you can get these really cheap on Ebay)

Modeling - I had the students sit on the carpet and count with me as I put pony beads on pipe cleaners for each number card 0-10.

Guided Practice - I used the Elmo projector and we used pony beads and pipe cleaners as a class at the tables. I put one number at a time on the screen.

Independent Practice - Worksheet.

Click here to download worksheet

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