Snow, Snow, Snow! Paintings, projects & more!

Thursday, January 19, 2012
With the snow falling like crazy outside today I figured I'd start with some Preschool craft ideas! Some ideas I've used that go along with a snow theme:

-Putting snow in my sensory table (they LOVE this!) Fake snow is also a good option!
-Painting with a shaving cream & glue mixture on blue paper
     --we called these our "snow scenes" when you mix the shaving cream & glue together it will stay puffy when dry!
-Cutting snowflakes out of coffee filters (use glitter to make these more interesting)
-Winter hats made from 1/2 of a paper plate, construction paper, cotton ball, & whatever you choose to decorate with!
-Popsicle stick snowflakes.
     --use four popsicle sticks and arange like a snowflake. Glue in the middle. Then paint them white add glitter!
-Cut out construction paper mittens & decorate!
-Cut out shapes for a snowman, have the children decorate & put together in their own way!
-Journal idea: "My favorite thing about winter is.....because....."

I have also talked to my Preschool class about why it is snowing, what we do with the snow, and what/how things around us change in the winter!

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