Rhyming Game & Rhyming Song

Monday, November 25, 2013
This was a fun rhyming game we played in Kindergarten. First we sat on the carpet and had a pile of objects in the middle. Each child was also given an object (each child's object had it's rhyming match in the middle pile). These objects are really easy to find throughout a classroom. Then, after they all found their match they went back to their seats to make their rhyming cards. They cut apart these pictures and glued the rhyming pairs to the front and back on index cards (front - cat, back - mat). Also, try this rhyming song with the object pairs... they love it!

To the tune of "Do You Know The Muffin Man"
"Cat and hat are rhyming words,
they're rhyming words,
they're rhyming words.
Cat and hat are rhyming words,
they sound a lot alike."

Link to PDF worksheet

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