Mustard Cardigan & Blue Khakis

Friday, January 10, 2014
Happy Friday!!! I finally get to start subbing soon! Yay! Just one month until all the paperwork goes through and then I am on my way! Not that I don't love all my Phonics & Math kids at the center but, I really can't wait to get back in the public district with the older kids. Even if it's just subbing....I'm so excited! Oh, and as a side note, maybe you will be less upset with my lack of posts lately if I give you an inside look of my week this dog ate my Kindle, I fell down the stairs, AND I dropped my phone in the toilet while cleaning the bathroom. Hooray. Let's just say... I've never been more glad to see Friday!
Cardigan - Target
T-Shirt - Target
Khakis - Target
YAY Target!! Haha.
Boots - Franco Sarto from Macy's

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