Sub Bag Ready To Go!

Sunday, March 9, 2014
I thought I would share what goes inside my sub bag. I'm sure I will add more or take away some as time goes on but, here's what I'm starting with. I looked at a few other sub bloggers to see what they have and went from there based on my experience and needs.

Bag from Thrity One Gifts

- Foldable File Folder -
 To keep all my printables in for emergency plans. I have it organized based on grade level. I also keep copies of my sub report in here.

- Treasure Supplies & Behavior Management - 
I have two bags full of goodies (pencils, erasers, stretchy bracelets, bookmarks, bubbles, etc)
I give out tickets throughout the day, the kids write their name on the back and put the ticket in my flower box. At the end of the day I pull three names and they get to pick from the bags. 

- Stickers - 

- Avery Return Address Labels - 
For name tags :)
 They are WAYYYY cheaper than actual name tags.

- Fun Books -
I try to choose books that I already know some activities for just in case.

- Whistle -
For those days you may have recess duty.

- USB Flash Drive - 
For all my emergency sub plans.

- Education Magazines - 
To read during my lunch break.

- LOTS of pens and pencils. & Chapstick, of course! -

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