Soil Sams!

Monday, April 23, 2012
As crazy as this activity might seem, the kids LOVE it! This activity teaches children about roots of plants and how they function. It also gives them an opportunity to grow something themselves and watch it sprout and grow "hair"!

You need the following:
-Grass Seed
-Googly Eyes
-Plastic Cups
-Permanent Marker

First cut the pantyhose so that you just have the foot part (about a six inch long section). Then, have the child choose what emotion to have their Soil Sam portray (happy, sad, mad, excited). Assist the child to glue on googly eyes and draw the face with permanent marker. (Draw the face with the open side of the pantyhose down).  Have the child scoop grass seed into the pantyhose (about 2 Tablespoons). Then fill the rest with soil (about 1-2 cups). Fill a plastic cup with water and place the Soil Sam in it. Watch his hair grow over time and discuss with the child how the seeds at the top gets the water at the bottom!

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