Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Student teaching starts tomorrow!

Ahh! Student teaching starts tomorrow (sort-of). I offered to come in and help set-up the classroom and make parent folders. I hope this will help me get to know the room and supplies before the kids start on the 21st. I am excited and can't wait to meet the kids at the ice cream social this Sunday!

Here were my two outfit choices for my meeting with my host teacher today!

Shirt - Gap Outlet
Watch - Jewelmint.com
Pants - Target
Necklace (you can't really see it but, it's super cute) - Banana Republic

Shirt & Pants - Target
Necklace - $5 on Ebay --- score!
Watch - Jewelmint.com
Shoes - Payless

I went with the first outfit :)

I also made a really cute student teacher binder with this printables I found! Click here to get some of your own!

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